A Legacy Shared - The Tall Boots Project

Once she realized that many of her childhood songs were unknown, Suze began writing down what she remembered about them. She researched where the songs came from and who wrote them. She began to recreate the songs, choosing highly capable musicians to join her, always keeping in mind the voices and instrumentation of her family, as well as performing members from those early years.

As the number of songs Suze documented grew, Suze began dreaming about sharing them with the rest of the world. Some 35 years later, Suze was able to share this incredible musical legacy with the release of her Tall Boots CD.

The songs are presented in their original form and style. Each is unique and has a story all it’s own that you can read about on our track notes page. You can also learn more about the artists who helped Suze make the music come alive and what reviewers say about the CD.

The release of Tall Boots fulfills a lifelong dream for Suze. The tracks on the project are the songs she heard her family sing when she was growing up. They have been brought back to life because of her love of the music and determination that they be heard again.